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Water softeners can be used in areas with hard water

Hard water

Hard water scales water tanks, washing machines, boilers and pipes.

It can also reduce the efficiency of your heating and plumbing and increase your energy bills.

Scaled appliances ultimately need repairing or replacing more readily than ones that aren’t.

How do water softeners work?

Hard water contains calcium and magnesium ions, and water softeners contain sodium ions.

When water passes through the softener, the calcium and magnesium are replaced by the sodium ions. The converts it to soft water.

There are several different types of water softener, so it’s worth doing your research before you invest in one.

Softening water
Softened water

Benefits of softened water

  • Improve your appliance efficiency
  • Reduce the amount of cleaning you have to do
  • Increase the lifetime of your appliances
  • Lower the amount of soap and shampoo you use