//Why Will the Green Deal DECC Scheme Prove Unpopular?

Why Will the Green Deal DECC Scheme Prove Unpopular?

Only a fifth of UK homeowners will take part in the Green Deal DECC scheme, which is targeting the insulation of Britain’s inefficient homes. The results revealed by the Express online, show that the Government’s £14billion scheme won’t prove hugely popular.

The scheme is to launch in October in an effort to help properties become more energy efficient with products such as double glazing, replacement boilers, loft lagging and wall cavity insulation.

Under the Green Deal DECC scheme, accredited companies will carry out the work for homeowners, which will be repaid monthly with the money saved on energy bills.

The latest poll, conducted by the British Standards Institution (BSI), took into account 1,200 homeowners, finding just 20% who would be taking part come the autumn.

According to the results, 60% were also unsure about the scheme with many saying they were unconvinced they could save money. Many were also worried about the disruption caused by installing energy efficient products.

BSI chief Howard Kerr said: “Without credible and impartial endorsement, the Green Deal won’t achieve its ambitions to drive down homeowner energy bills, reduce carbon emissions and create jobs.”

Under the Green Deal DECC scheme:

  • Homeowners will be able to receive the latest energy efficient home improvement measures without paying a penny up front
  • The ‘loan’ will be supplied by the Government and paid back monthly by the homeowner, landlord or business
  • The amount payable monthly will be calculated based on the average amount saved on energy bills
  • However, this will be worked out at a national average, attracting criticism from experts who say people will be paying back more than they’re saving

Because of this, experts suggest the best way to improve the energy efficiency of your home and reduce bills is through your own investment in energy efficient upgrades.

With a combi boiler to replace your inefficient heating system you’ll:

  • Reduce your energy bills by up to £300 a year, helping you escape fuel poverty and the rising prices of gas and electricity
  • Ensure your home is kept warmer in the winter as heat is distributed more evenly across your property
  • Cut carbon dioxide emissions and reduce your home’s carbon footprint

If you’re interested in improving your property’s energy efficiency and cutting your bills, don’t look at the Green Deal DECC scheme to help. Instead, invest in your own insulation or replacement boiler and see instant reductions to your bills.

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