With the winter closing in fast, homeowners around the UK are starting to switch on their boiler central heating in an effort to keep warm during the cold nights. And with energy prices set to rise again, having the right boiler installed is crucial to reducing bills whilst keeping warm.

By ensuring that your home has an efficient boiler, you can save hundreds of pounds every year, and replacing an outdated system will slash the risk of a breakdown during the heart of winter.

So what is the UK’s most popular boiler?

Of course, as with anything, there are many different types of boilers catering for a range of needs. But by far the most popular and efficient form of home heating, is the combination condensing boiler.

Often referred to as a combi boiler, this style is ever popular because of their superb energy efficiency. Combi boilers hold their name because of the ability to heat water as well as providing your home’s central heating.

How does the combi boiler work?

  • Combi boilers work in a similar way to a conventional system
  • Fuel is burnt for heat and transferred to water to increase the temperature
  • In a regular boiler, much of the heat is lost in vapour
  • However a combi boiler will retain this heat for warming water
  • Therefore, your boiler is producing heat for a lower cost and efficiency is increased
  • Overall, you’ll be saving up to £300 annually and slashing carbon emissions too

It’s these reasons that make combi boilers so popular, and mean more customers are choosing these systems year-in year-out. By switching your boiler system you’ll make instant energy bill savings and help the environment with reduced carbon emissions.

With a new boiler you’ll also cut the risk of a boiler breakdown, which in the heart of winter can cost you as much as £200 just for the call-out charge. When you add on parts and repairs you’ll end up paying out a small fortune.

Combi boiler quotes

To make the most from what combi boilers have to offer, compare installation prices and ensure to get the right deal. You don’t want to take the first offer that comes, in case you could find a cheaper price elsewhere.

By completing our quick boiler quotes form we’ll make your life easier. We’ll provide you with up to four FREE quotes from local, vetted and reputable plumbers in your area so you can quickly find the right price and be on your way to reducing energy bills this winter.

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