//No Fees for Green Deal Companies

No Fees for Green Deal Companies

It has been confirmed that those wishing to become Green Deal companies, including assessors, installers and providers, won’t be forced into paying registration fees. The news was announced by the Department of Energy and Climate Change and is expected to remain this way until the back end of 2014.

Energy minister Greg Barker revealed the postponement to the Government’s proposals and also announced the organisations responsible for ensuring consumer protection is guaranteed throughout the Green Deal scheme.

The Green Deal’s Oversight Body will be run by Gemserv and their partner REAL. Their main responsibility will be monitoring the registration of Green Deal companies and ensuring the Code of Practice is adhered to at all times.

The Government are keen to ensure the industries involved in the Green Deal continue to deliver quality products when working under the scheme. Barker also revealed that Ombudsman Services Ltd will act as the scheme’s main Ombudsman and Investigation service.

The energy efficiency scheme is the biggest of its kind since the Second World War and it’s hoped many homeowners, landlords and businesses will take advantage of the potential to insulate their properties.

Under the Green Deal:

  • Homeowners, landlords and businesses will be able to see energy efficient home improvements installed by Green Deal companies for no upfront costs
  • Products included on the scheme are double glazing, loft lagging and new replacement boilers
  • The loan will then be paid back with the savings made on energy bills
  • And this loan will be attached to the property, not the homeowners, meaning that if you sell up in the future you won’t have this loan around your neck

But despite the scheme sounding inch perfect for property owners, there have been some criticisms, especially when it comes to how the loan will be paid back. As it stands, homeowners will be paying back their loan based on a national average of energy bill savings. And many are campaigning for this to be changed to an individual basis.

Green Deal companies will have a huge advantage in the industry and the scheme is expected to see a large uptake from property owners wanting energy efficient home improvements.

The scheme is set for an October launch and could set up a profitable winter for many businesses.

With the Green Deal you’ll be able to secure upgrades for no upfront costs, but if you have the finances available now, it may be worth seeing how much you could save. During the summer, prices for insulation will be at their lowest and you could cut your initial spending by investing now.

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