//Bosch Recommends Boiler Service Before the Winter

Bosch Recommends Boiler Service Before the Winter

Heating giants Bosch have advised homeowners to have their boiler service completed before the winter or risk falling victim to a breakdown when the cold weather comes around. The Worcester Bosch group have encouraged homeowners and landlords to think about servicing now to avoid heavy charges later down the line.

With the warm weather finally arriving, it can be very easy to put your boiler to the back of your mind. But you shouldn’t just forget about a problem that could escalate if left unchecked.

As it is, boilers can breakdown at any moment leaving you without heat and hot water. If this happens in the middle of winter you could face repair costs of £200 and more. Simply having a boiler service now would prevent the possibility of this happening.

As well as servicing boilers, Worcester are also advising homeowners to consider replacing their old boilers now when prices are cheaper, rather than wait for something to go wrong. Some boilers will be working at just 70% efficiency, costing you hundreds of pounds extra every year in heating bills.

Remember, landlords are also required to have gas appliances, including fittings and flues, checked annually. So if you’re a tenant, make sure your system is safe to use.

With a new boiler, especially the latest combi boilers, you will:

  • Reduce your annual heating bills up to £300 a year, helping you to escape fuel poverty
  • Keep your home warmer in winter with an efficient system that distributes heat evenly throughout your property
  • Cut your home’s carbon emissions and help the environment with global warming effects
  • Improve your home’s Energy Performance Certificate rating, which is crucial to selling your home as it shows how energy efficient your home is

Whether it’s replacing an old boiler or having a boiler service, it’s extremely important to make sure your boiler is working efficiently and you’re not spending too much on your heating bills.

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