A balanced heating system will make your home more comfortable

Balancing your heating system helps to ensure that all your radiators warm up equal amounts. It’s a tricky job but can help you avoid having downstairs rooms that are chilly and upstairs ones that are too hot.

How do you balance a heating system?

Radiators have two valves, one at each end. These are to:

  • Allow for the removal and drainage of the radiator without turning off the whole system
  • Restrict water flow in the radiator and send it to radiators further away

These valves can be adjusted to let more or less water into the radiator.

Ideally, you want to adjust these valves so that all your radiators let in the same amount of water. This can be tricky though, as the valves on radiators near your boiler and upstairs will need to be tightened more than the ones that are further away and lower down.

lockshield valve

You might be able to balance your heating system yourself, but it’ll probably take a while and you might not get it 100% right. You might find it easier to call in a professional plumber to help you.

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