//Do I Need A New Boiler?
Do I Need A New Boiler? 2018-03-21T12:25:10+00:00

If you even need to ask this question, then there must be a problem…

…and you may end up needing a new boiler. In which case, it’s always best to look at the options and decide for yourself what’s needed.

A boiler service may even discover that your heating system requires a complete revamp.

What you’ll find is that your boiler is not working efficiently, especially for heating your home. Older boiler models will have efficiency levels of between 50% and 70%.

This has a big effect on your wallet, especially when you consider that new, high efficient boilers operate at 96%. This is a large saving you could make every month on bills, about 25p for every pound.

The older boilers could also be having a larger contribution to global warming, with more carbon emissions exiting the flue.

However, it might not always be the boiler that needs replacing. Your central heating system as a whole may need refitting, replacing or simply cleaning. The radiators, pipes and controls are just as culpable as the boiler itself.

It’s always best to have a professional inspect the boiler to find the root of the problem. Remember, only a gas registered engineer can do this. You’re not allowed to move or repair the boiler yourself.



If the radiators are the cause of the problem, there are a few things you can check. They may need bleeding, which removes the air that can cause cold spots.

Otherwise the radiators may need flushing out. This gets rid of sediment, which is responsible for cold spots. Finally you should look for any corrosion, as this could lead to a dramatic leak.

Water tank

Water tanks

Water tanks will also need constant care and attention. You should particularly note their efficiency and look for corrosion.



Pipes can also cause problems, with blockages, sludge build up and corrosion all quite common.



You should always ensure that your controls are up to date. Modern designs allow you to spread heat more efficiently around your home.

Boilers also tend to have controls inbuilt, which means you can finely tune the system’s work rate. This keeps you in control of consumption and costs.

So when it comes to the crucial question of do you need a new boiler, it’s always best to have your whole boiler system checked out. After all, a healthier boiler equals cheaper bills.