Do I need a new boiler?

If there’s a problem with your heating you might not necessarily need a new boiler.

There are several reasons why you might need a new boiler. It might be because your current one is old and inefficient. Or it could be that it’s developed a fault and isn’t working properly. However, there are other reasons why your heating might not be working properly.



Pipes can get blocked or corroded, which could stop your heating from working properly. To solve this problem, you might need your pipes flushed.


Heating controls

Out of date heating controls make it difficult to control your heating and could stop it working efficiently.

Water tank

Water tanks

Water tanks can be an important part of your heating system. If they become corroded or damaged, this could affect your heating efficiency.



Radiators can get air or sediment trapped in them, which can stop them from working properly and heating your home sufficiently.

If you’re not sure what’s wrong with your heating, the best thing to do is get advice from a boiler professional. Fill in our online form and we’ll find you up to 4 boiler engineers in your area.