//Why a Combi Boiler is Your Best Bet

Why a Combi Boiler is Your Best Bet

The combi boiler has become the best-selling gas boiler in the UK, accounting for 50% of total sales. This is because it’s economical and helps homeowners to reduce their energy bills with improved efficiency.

With a combi boiler there’s no external water tank. Instead, water is heated straight from the mains supply, meaning it can be drawn whenever required. As the combi boiler doesn’t need the water tank you’ll also be saving room in your home as you’ll free up the airing cupboard.

With a combi boiler you'll cut your energy bills and keep your home warmer

The combi boiler will fit straight onto the kitchen wall or in a cupboard, so it’s easy to access, without having to climb about in the loft.

One of the only problems associated with the combi boiler heating system, is that hot water can’t be drawn in two places at the same time. So if someone is washing up, you can’t run a hot bath or shower.

This problem can easily be avoided though and on most occasions won’t cause you any bother.

Should I invest in a combi boiler?

The combi is the perfect replacement boiler for homes without multiple bathrooms. Also, if you’re getting shot of a water storage tank you’ll be creating more space too.

Plus, combi boilers provide hot water on demand. They’re the only boiler type available on the market that doesn’t need to heat the water beforehand. You’ll also have drinking water available from every tap.

If you’ve high energy bills, then installing a new boiler should be a priority. An A-rated combi boiler will cut your annual bills by as much as £300, which can help many households escape the clutches of fuel poverty.

With the prices of gas and electricity continuously on the rise, replacing your old, inefficient boiler is the only way to reduce your outgoings.

Types of combi boiler

  • The combi instantaneous boiler

This is the most popular boiler on the market and the most common you’ll find in UK homes. The combi instantaneous will provide hot water on demand to taps and other water points.

  • The combi (instantaneous condensing) boiler

Condensing boilers are typically known as having high efficiency levels, over 90% on most occasions. With this type of combi boiler you’ll have the same functions as a normal model, but with improved efficiency. This will mean greater energy bill savings.

  • The combi (storage) boiler

The storage system in this type of boiler ensures an improved performance rate, as once the stored water is used, the boiler switches to become an instantaneous. These storage boilers come in different sizes, depending on what’s need for your home.

  • The combi (storage condensing) boiler

By incorporating both the condensing qualities and the storage facility, you’ll be ensuring performance and energy efficiency is at an all-time high. These boilers work in the same way as those previously mentioned but with a higher efficiency.

  • The Combined Primary Storage Unit (CPSU)

The CPSU boiler is a special type that holds a lot of water in order to provide a high water flow. With this type of boiler you can quickly heat radiators.

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