//Where Can You Find the Best Combi Boiler Prices?

Where Can You Find the Best Combi Boiler Prices?

With the summer approaching you may feel it’s not the time to be thinking about combi boiler prices, but you couldn’t be further from the truth.

During the summer months the cost of installation will be at its lowest and by installing now you’ll guarantee efficient heat and reduced bills for the winter.

You don’t want to turn on your heating system in five months’ time, only to find it breaks down and you’re left without heat or hot water until you can afford a replacement boiler.

But where should you be looking for the best combi boiler prices?

According to a Which? survey, the independent plumbers offer the lowest prices and provide customers with the best satisfaction, rather than the nationals.

In fact, the survey suggested that British Gas charged 75% more than the independent fitters to put in a new boiler.

A spokesman from the consumer watchdog said: “Many customers will trust their energy supplier to give them a good price for installing their boiler. However, this research shows they may end up paying through the nose.”

Remember, the reasons to be replacing your heating system are:

  • To reduce energy bills by up to £300 a year; and
  • To keep your home warmer throughout the winter

If you don’t compare combi boiler prices between the nationals and professional local plumbers, you risk not making back the money on your installation with energy bill savings.

Donna Ferguson from lovemoney recalls when she was quoted combi boiler prices from British Gas. She was told she needed three metres of new pipes and would also have to pay a waste collection and disposal charge.

On top of this, Donna was quoted for a £350 water treatment and powerflush and over £1,500 to connect the new boiler and complete relevant testing. In total, this worked out at £3,770.

Donna decided to explore other avenues and found one company charging £100+VAT just for a combi boiler prices quote.

But she didn’t stop there, instead taking the advice of Which? who recommend using local, independent plumbers as opposed to the ‘brands’. When Donna compared quotes, she was stunned with what she found.

She said: “He [The independent plumber] said it wasn’t a problem to reconnect the existing pipes to the new boiler and he could still guarantee the labour and parts for six years. He then offered to carry out the entire job for just £2,550. This included the six-year guarantee underwritten by Worcester Bosch and two years’ free servicing, a chemical flush, a wireless programmable room thermostat and all the ‘make good’ building work.

“I nearly bit his hand off. I saved £1,200 on the British Gas quote, got six years of peace of mind about all parts and labour relating to the boiler.”

But Donna was only able to make this saving by comparing a number of combi boiler prices. She didn’t get wrapped up in the British Gas offer, which even included a £150 discount if she signed on the spot.

By comparing combi boiler prices you’ll find yourself getting a better deal than you thought. Fill out our quick form and we’ll provide you with up to four FREE quotes from local, reputable companies.

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