//What Changes have Boiler Manufacturers Made?

What Changes have Boiler Manufacturers Made?

Boiler manufacturers are always making changes to heating systems in an effort to make them more energy efficient and cut the amount of carbon released.

With plenty of technology updates, there are many ways of reducing carbon dioxide emissions as well as slashing energy bills. And 2012 is set to be a key years for the Government’s hopes of creating sustainability and carbon neutrality, so boiler manufacturers will have to find even more ways to be innovative.

The biomass boiler is one of the best ways to reduce carbon emissions and help the environment. Biomass boilers burn organic matter such as plant or wood. This means that no excess carbon emissions are released and you’re also saving hundreds of pound on fuel bills.

There are also the high efficiency boilers which drastically reduce the amount of carbon emissions released. A-rated boilers as they’re often referred to, convert 90% or more of fuel into heat. This is compared to a shocking 70% for G-rated boilers.

With the changes made from boiler manufacturers over the last few years homeowners can:

  • Reduce their energy bills by as much as £300 a year, by burning fuel more efficiently
  • Heat their home more efficiently, keeping warmer in the winter without having to turn up the heating?li>
  • Reduce the risk of personal harm from carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Cut carbon emissions, which contribute to global warming issues

Founder of Boiler Guide, David Holmes, said: “There are now numerous ways for home owners to reduce the carbon emissions from their home. This is set to be a focus of a government efficiency drive in 2012, as boilers account for roughly 60% of the carbon dioxide emissions from a home heated by fossil fuels.

“With a new type of condensing boiler homeowner’s can reduce their CO2 emissions by as much as 25%, whilst also reducing heating bills by up to GBP 300.”

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