//Reduce Your Energy Bills with a Combi Boiler and Payback within 5 Years

Reduce Your Energy Bills with a Combi Boiler and Payback within 5 Years

Installing a new boiler will slash your energy bills

. By installing a new, A-rated boiler you’ll cut your heating bills by up to £300 a year, which will ease many homeowners out of fuel poverty.

Jodie Norgate was left without heat and hot water after a boiler breakdown and recalls the dreadful experience that lasted for over a year: “Because of the cold, my bed went all rusty and my ceilings and bathroom went mouldy. It was either starve and be warm or eat and be freezing.”

With no working gas boiler, Jodie was forced to spend £60 a week on an electric heater. But this problem doesn’t have to happen to everyone. Installing a new boiler will reduce the risk of a breakdown and slash heating bills in the process. With the financial help available, such as low rate loans, there’s no reason not to replace a faulty boiler.

And because of the fantastic energy savings you could end up paying back the initial installation costs within five years.

Thousands of British homeowners are throwing away money every year, paying extra for their heating. This is just dead money. In fact, a Guardian report suggests that the average UK home is fitted with a gas boiler of 60% efficiency.

The report also says: “1m boilers are replaced each year in the UK. So this could be an opportunity to switch to a condensing boiler, which will reduce your CO2 emissions by 15 to 30 per cent.”

Considering the cost of repairs can be £200 a time, there seems little point in not upgrading to receive all the benefits a new boiler brings. When a breakdown can occur at any time for old, inefficient boilers, your best bet is to cut the risk and install a new heating system.

It’s not just on energy bills that you’ll see the benefits a new boiler brings either. Installing an efficient system will boost your home’s Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating and make the property more appealing for potential buyers. People are looking for properties that are well heated and insulated, meaning they won’t have to pay out a fortune of energy bills.

And the EPC rating has also become crucial in other energy sectors, such as solar. The Government revealed last month that inefficient properties wouldn’t be eligible for the full solar feed-in tariff from April 1. This will affect all properties that aren’t rated at a level D or above.

A new boiler can bring up this EPC rating, which will also make your property more attractive on the housing market. An efficient heating system is now near the top of people’s most wanted list.

Environmentally, a new boiler makes sense too. It’ll produce less carbon emissions than your old system which can only be a good thing for the environment. Carbon dioxide has caused the rising concerns of global warming and reducing your homes carbon footprint will help the Government meet EU targets.

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