//Landlords eligible for 400 pounds boiler grant vouchers

Landlords eligible for 400 pounds boiler grant vouchers

The Scottish Government is ready to hand out more money to landlords to get their boilers up to scratch ahead of winter.

After the success of the boiler scrappage scheme last year, the government wants to improve the energy efficiency of more Scottish homes with a £400 boiler grant for landlords who upgrade their old ones.

These cash grants will only be available if you purchase a boiler model recommended by the Energy Saving Trust. But with this new boiler you’ll be helping to reduce energy bills and lowering carbon emissions in the UK.

As landlords are responsible for any boiler breakdowns, you’ll also be minimising the chance of a fault in winter, when most problems occur.

Last year the scheme helped 400 properties upgrade their boilers, and this year it’s again on a first-come first-served basis. Properties that invest in a new efficient boiler will benefit from a higher Energy Performance Rating (EPR), which will make it more attractive on the rental market.

And by helping tenants reduce their bills you’ll be lowering the chances of rent arrears, which is a growing problem in the UK. One of the main reasons for this is because of fuel poverty, which is when people spend more than 10% of their income on energy.

Inefficient boilers can work at just 70%, so a new boiler can really help out, saving hundreds of pounds every month.

According to government statistics, there are around 250,000 Scottish homes with inefficient boilers, and any boiler over 15-years-old is more likely to break down.

Once you’ve obtained a quote for your new boiler you can download the grant application form from the Energy Saving Trust website. Once you’ve been accepted onto this year’s scheme you’ll receive your £400 boiler voucher and be able to fit your property with an efficient model.

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