//Keep your Home Safe with a Registered Gas Boiler Fitter

Keep your Home Safe with a Registered Gas Boiler Fitter

A gas boiler fitter has found himself in trouble with the law after completing unsafe work on a home that ended with an explosion that destroyed the property’s roof.

James Hampson has received an eight month suspended prison sentence and must pay £10,000 in costs after fitting a gas boiler into a home in Wrentham, Suffolk. The mother and daughter living in the property were lucky to escape with their lives but still suffered burns in the blast.

Boiler fitter Hampson admitted two counts of failing to adhere to health and safety regulations and will be forced to complete 250 hours of community service as well.

The roof of the property was blown off in 2010 and a Health and Safety Executive found the joint between the emergency control valve and a pipe was not securely tightened. As a result of the gas boiler fitter failing to do this, the boiler started to leak gas.

When Lynne Brown switched on her kettle it caused the gas to ignite.

Speaking after the court hearing, the Health and Safety Executive, Malcolm Crowther, said: “Mr Hampson’s unsafe work cost a mother and daughter their health and their home. It could have cost them their lives.”

This is just another case of a gas boiler being incorrectly fitted and leading to catastrophic consequences.

When choosing a new boiler, one of the most important things is to ensure you use a boiler fitter registered with the Gas Safe network. By not taking the time to choose a suitable installer there’s the risk of:

  • A fire or explosion being caused from gas leaks in the boiler installation
  • Carbon monoxide leaks. Monoxide is a clear, odourless gas that kills and hospitalises many Britons every year as it’s almost impossible to detect

Monoxide poisoning is more common in boilers of 10-years-old or more and it’s these systems that tend to be the most inefficient. So not only are you putting your family at risk, but you’ll also be paying out a lot more on your energy bills than need be.

If you’re considering a new boiler, your main priorities should be ensuring the installation is energy efficient and guaranteeing the boiler fitter is Gas Safe registered.

With so many cowboy traders out there ready to do a botched job and take your money, there’s no excuse not to compare multiple quotes from reputable companies, who are all Gas Safe registered.

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