//Helpful Tips for the Combi Boiler Price

Helpful Tips for the Combi Boiler Price

With the summer being the perfect time to think about the combi boiler price, what makes an installation so worthwhile? Well, firstly you have the savings you’ll make monthly on heating bills. With energy prices likely to rise again this winter, investing in an efficient heating system will help you avoid escalating costs.

The boiler, no matter what age or model, is essential to every home. It’s responsible for providing heat and hot water, which is crucial during the winter. With G-rated boilers having just 70% efficiency, homeowners are wasting hundreds of pounds a year on energy bills.

And Energy Saving Trust figures suggest that a boiler accounts for 60% of a home’s total energy bill. So having something efficient is vital if you want to escape fuel poverty.

Replacing these inefficient systems with an A-rated boiler will help to save as much as £300 a year, so now’s the time to start thinking about the combi boiler price.

And the good news is companies offer home visits to assess how much energy your old boiler is wasting and help you to calculate how much savings are possible every year. They would also give you advice on other energy saving measures such as double glazing or loft lagging.

With the combi boiler price being cheapest in the summer it’s time to start looking for deals. Companies will be itching for your business and you could see 20% off the installation costs.

With a new boiler, you would:

  • Save up to £300 a year with improved efficiency and this saving would increase over the years as energy wholesale prices rise
  • Heat your home more efficiently, keeping warmer in the winter without having to turn up the temperature
  • Slash carbon emissions by up to 1,220kg a year. This not only helps the environment by cutting global warming issues, but also helps the Government meet 2020 targets

What are the boiler choices?

With heating systems being at their cheapest in the summer, the combi boiler price could be knocked down by up to 20%.

With your boiler, you have two real choices; conventional (condensing) boilers, or combi boilers.

  • Conventional boiler systems often have two water tanks in the loft and a cylinder in the airing cupboard. They provide heat at a faster flow rate than other types and are even compatible with renewables
  • Combi boilers on the other hand are extremely economical to run. They supply homeowners with hot water on demand so you won’t have to wait for it to heat up first. For this reason they don’t require water tanks, saving you plenty of room in the home
  • If you’re interested in upgrading your inefficient system, why not look at the combi boiler price and receive up to four free quotes from vetted suppliers.

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