//Have your boiler serviced regularly

Have your boiler serviced regularly

Boilers are often one of the most neglected parts of the home, because as long as they’re working, people don’t tend to worry about them.

But the problem is, by not servicing your boiler regularly you’re only going to have a fault later down the line, particularly in winter.

It’s often the case that boilers break down soon after being switched on after the summer months. This is made worse when they’re needed most during winter.

A boiler fault could be anything. You could find yourself facing a large-scale problem, or just a part that needs replacing.

Either way it means your home won’t be heated until it’s sorted and at the peak of winter you could be waiting days or even weeks.

Older boilers are the most suspect, especially if they’re over 15-years-old. So if you have a boiler of this age, first and foremost it’s probably best to replace with a new boiler.

You could save room in your home with a combi boiler and your energy bills will also be reduced due to better efficiency.

But when you’re thinking of having a service you want to ensure it’s with a reliable company who are going to pull out all the stops.

Some of the larger companies cut corners and even find faults that aren’t there to give you a larger bill.

A boiler service is somewhat different from the annual checks as there are a few extra things done to make sure your system is in optimal condition.

However, you always want a Gas Safe registered engineer to service your boiler and make sure you check for ID before any work takes place.

Experienced, registered and reputable companies will put your mind at rest, safe in the knowledge that your boiler has had the correct service.

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