//Grab a Bargain: Cheap Summer Combi Boiler Cost

Grab a Bargain: Cheap Summer Combi Boiler Cost

The summer is the best time to be looking at the combi boiler cost as this is the quietest time of the year for gas boiler suppliers and manufacturers. If your heating system is over 10-years-old you should especially be looking at upgrading, in an effort to reduce energy bills.

By looking at replacing your old boiler now, there’s the chance you’ll be able to grab a bargain and find special deals from reputable companies. In fact you could see 10-20% reductions from the usual boiler prices.

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It may be the last thing on your mind with the hot weather finally arriving across the UK, but the summer is the perfect time to shop around for the best deals. Companies will be itching to get your business at a tricky time of the year.

Central Heating Guide advise: “The best way to get a deal is to ask politely with a firm commitment ready, tell them that you’ll give them the business there and then if they give you 10% off, don’t get greedy or ask for half price! 10% – 20% is a reasonable request.”

Why invest in a new boiler?

With energy prices on the rise, now’s the time to start thinking of ways to reduce your bills. Inefficient boilers could be working at just 70% meaning you’re paying out hundreds of pounds extra every year on your heating.

With a new A-rated combi boiler, you can be sure to:

  • Slash your energy bills by up to £300 a year with an efficient system
  • Escape fuel poverty and pay less over the years as energy prices rise sharply
  • Ensure your home is kept warmer throughout the winter and cut the risk of a boiler breakdown, which could cost over £200 a time
  • Reduce carbon emissions and help to meet EU targets set to the UK

Remember, the combi boiler cost will be its lowest point during the summer, so make sure to find out how much you can save monthly with quotes from vetted professionals.

If you’ve checked out the combi boiler cost and now want to have a new boiler installed, it will be important to ensure you look after the new product.

Boiler manuals

First and foremost, for any emergency be sure to consult the manual straight away. If you can’t find it, or perhaps it has been lost, then contact the manufacturer. Make sure to note down the model number of the boiler.

Starting the boiler up in winter

After the boiler has been out of action for the long summer, the last thing you want is for it to fault when restarted. Most modern gas boilers are fitted with anti-seize functions to allow the pump to spin for several minutes before starting up.

Equipment costs

Many problems can be sorted without the need of a boiler engineer and equipment can often be purchased from DIY shops.

A priority should be to have a radiator key and carbon alarm. Radiator keys cost as little as £5. Carbon alarms detect the odourless, colourless gas, which kills and hospitalises dozens of people every year. An alarm could save your life.

Frozen pipes

In the heart of the winter you could find a problem with the condensate pipe freezing, particularly a problem with older boilers. If this happens the boiler will probably switch itself off, which isn’t great in the cold weather.

To clear the issue:

  • Use warm water, not boiling, to clear the frozen area. But this will only be a temporary fix
  • Your best bet is to insulate the pipe to ensure it won’t freeze again in the future
  • If you’re interested in reducing your energy bills with a new boiler, now’s the time to look at the combi boiler cost. Just complete our quick quote form to find out the cheapest prices in your area.

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