//Government Plays Down Green Deal Initiative Concerns

Government Plays Down Green Deal Initiative Concerns

The Green Deal initiative has received criticism over the last few days, but the Department of Energy and Climate Change have downplayed the idea of the scheme being revamped. David Cameron is ready to review the scheme before its October launch and Government sources say this is standard protocol.

The BBC revealed that businesses and trade associations have been interviewed, with concerns mounting over whether the Green Deal initiative is doomed to fail. The proposal is to help insulate Britain’s homes and cut carbon emissions.

Parts of the scheme that could see a reconstruction include the Energy Company Obligation, in order to help more households who are struggling to pay for their fuel bills.

The Green Deal initiative is planning to combat fuel poverty and cut carbon emissions in one swift stroke.
The scheme would:

  • Help property’s upgrade energy efficient measures by supplying loans to help cover the upfront costs
  • Double glazing and new boilers are two products that will be included and will see household bill reductions of £300 annually
  • Al loans would be repaid with energy bill savings, and the loan would remain with the property even if the owner moved on later down the line

And a spokeswoman for the DECC said: “DECC are the lead department on the Green Deal and this has not changed. As with any flagship Government policy the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister are kept up to date on progress.”
She also mentioned that the Green Deal has seen no changes and is still set for an October launch.

A cabinet spokesman has also maintained the point that there is no question of a review and downplayed the significance of reports.

He said: “The Green Deal is not under review. As we implement all policy, we maintain constant dialogue with stakeholders and businesses who have an interest in the policy. There is no question of a review.

“The Deputy Prime Minister and Prime Minister are fully committed to the Green Deal – that’s why they meet regularly with the Energy Secretary to understand progress and identify what the top of Government can do to support and promote the Green Deal.”

With the Green Deal initiative in doubt and uncertainty starting to spread throughout the industry, homeowners are starting to feel they can no longer rely on the Government’s scheme to improve their property’s efficiency.

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