//Compare Combi Boilers Prices Before Energy Bills Rise

Compare Combi Boilers Prices Before Energy Bills Rise

British Gas owner Centrica has revealed that wholesale energy prices will rise again this year, making now a perfect time to compare combi boilers prices. By installing a new A-rated boiler, you’ll guarantee making your home much more energy efficient.

If you compare combi boilers prices during the summer, you’ll also find the costs are reduced as opposed to the winter months. With a new boiler you can see energy bill reductions up to £300 annually.

According to Centrica, gas will spiral 15% by winter whilst further costs would add an extra £50 to home’s energy bills.

Despite British Gas cutting its tariff in January by 5%, a statement said: “The trend for retail energy costs therefore remains upwards.”

Gas prices have been consistently increasing and last summer electricity prices rose by 16% and gas prices 18%. All of the major energy companies increased their costs, and now the only way to reduce your bills is to compare combi boilers prices and make your home more efficient.

By having a new boiler installed, you’ll:

  • Reduce your energy bills by up to £300 a year, and savings will only increase as energy prices rise
  • Keep your home warmer in the winter, as your new heating system is much more efficient
  • Cut carbon dioxide emissions and help the environment with global warming issues

Fuel poverty is just one of the many problems associated with rising energy bills and Uswitch say: “Any further increases will see even more people seriously struggling to afford their bills.

“We would urge all suppliers to hold fire for as long as possible and to ensure that if they do move it is only in response to a sustained upward trend. It is also important that they recognise the impact it will have on their customers.”

Fuel poverty strikes when homeowners are spending more than 10% of their income on household energy bills.

With this news that energy problems will only worsen, it’s important to compare combi boilers prices before the cold weather striker again later in the year.

What’s essential though is that you receive a number of combi boiler quotes, to guarantee you the best possible price and ensure payback is as little as possible. Between the nationals and local companies, homeowners seem to find more satisfaction and better deals with the local professionals.

If you want to compare combi boilers prices, complete our quick quote form. We’ll then match your criteria with vetted companies on our books and provide you with up to four FREE quotes.

Don’t delay, compare combi boiler prices now before it’s too late.

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