//Boiler Scrappage Scheme – A New Hope?

Boiler Scrappage Scheme – A New Hope?

Another report has suggested that renewing the boiler scrappage scheme could give the industry a new lease of life. The scheme, which concluded after all vouchers were taken up, is no longer available in England and Wales.

However, there are still vouchers to be taken up in Scotland and it’s as popular as ever before. The boiler scrappage scheme provides a grant for homeowners looking to upgrade their inefficient heating system, so long as they have an A-rated efficiency boiler.

But before Chris Huhne, the former leader of the Department of Energy and Climate Change, stepped down for his position, he firmly denied any new boiler scrappage. And a letter to the Federation of Master Builders said that ministers had to ensure public money would be spent by better targeting their resources.

Mr Huhne made it quite clear that another boiler scrappage scheme did not fit the bill as there would be limited resources and would only remain open whilst funding was available.

But homeowners don’t need a boiler scrappage scheme to invest in a new boiler, because A-rated boilers can be paid back within five years with excellent savings made on energy bills.

With a new boiler you’ll:

  • Be able to reduce your annual heating bills by as much as £300, making payback as little as five years
  • Heat your property more efficiently with an A-rated boiler, keeping you warmer in the winter
  • Reduce the chance of carbon monoxide poisoning, which kills and hospitalises hundreds of people every year
  • Save more room in your home, without the need for water storage tanks in the loft or airing cupboard

DECC figures in April suggested that greenhouse gas emissions rose by 15% in 2010 because of the cold weather at both the start and end of the year.

It prompted homeowners to turn up their heating, and many of these boiler systems are inefficient and wasting heat.
And the BMF are arguing that £11bn was used to pay off taxes in 2009-10, so a small figure of £50 million would be justifiable for the taxpayers’ money.

The boiler scrappage scheme ensures energy efficiency in homes and aids people in cutting their energy bills. This is ever the more important nowadays because of rising costs of gas and electricity, contributing to fuel poverty.

Despite the Government standing firm on the future of the boiler scrappage scheme, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be investing in a new efficient boiler.

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