//How Boiler Insurance will Benefit You

How Boiler Insurance will Benefit You

During the winter it’s always a fear that our boilers will breakdown, leaving our homes without hot water or heat and our wallets empty. In fact some gas boiler engineers can charge as much as £70 an hour, excluding spare parts.

However, this can all be prevented with boiler insurance.

Do I need boiler insurance?

The UK’s economic state has left many people looking for ways to reduce their expenditure. But insurance policies such as boiler insurance should not be sacrificed to save a little money each month.

Unfortunately boiler faults can be very expensive to have repaired and a reliable engineer can be hard to find. Plus, it’s much better to pay a few pounds every month for boiler insurance, than have to pay out hundreds of pounds in one go for a call-out cost and repair.

Boiler leaks are one of the common faults, and this can be lethal. If your boiler is leaking carbon monoxide you need to have this dealt with straight away and won’t have the time to save up the necessary funds. But boiler insurance will offer you the safety and security in case the worst does happen.

What will I get with boiler insurance?

Each boiler insurance supplier will offer slightly different incentives. However, you will get a good service and value for your money. With boiler insurance you’re likely to get all or some of the following:

• Emergency gas boiler repairs
• Gas boiler electrical fault repairs
• Gas boiler leak repairs (Carbon monoxide etc.)
• Boiler pump repairs
• An annual service
• A 24-hour helpline
• A no claims period

Remember though, that if your boiler is over 15-years-old, insurance providers may not cover you. This is because boilers only have a life expectancy between 15 and 20 years, so it’ll be more likely to breakdown.

If this is relevant to you, it’d be worthwhile to invest in a new efficient boiler. Not only will you reduce the chances of a fault ten-fold, but you’ll reduce your energy bills too. This is because your old boiler is probably inefficient and could be working as low as 70%.

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