//A new boiler for the winter will avoid expensive call-out charges

A new boiler for the winter will avoid expensive call-out charges

Despite the recent warm weather, winter is coming, which means you’ll need to turn on your boiler to keep your home heated.

The problem is, after many months of inactivity it’s not uncommon for it to break down or suffer a fault of some kind.

And repairs can be very costly, leaving homeowners out of pocket over the expensive Christmas period.

According to uSwitch, one in five homes needed boiler repairs last winter, and costs averaged at £300.

uSwitch, a price comparison site for gas and electricity bills, also reported that as many as six in ten homes do not have boiler insurance of any kind.

In fact, only after a problem strikes do homeowners consider insurance for their boiler.

What makes boiler breakdowns even worse is that they often strike unexpectedly and without warning. This can leave you without heat at the height of the winter.

Obviously if you hear any banging noises or the boiler isn’t heating, then that’s an early warning sign that your boiler is close to breaking down.

There are also some extra precautions you can take to ensure your boiler doesn’t break down in the middle of winter.

  • Have your boiler serviced every year by a Gas Safe Registered engineer. Inefficient boilers cost more to run as you’re using more energy to heat your home. Therefore, having it checked regularly will ensure it remains in optimal condition.
  • Getting a service from a Gas Safe engineer also stops the chance of a carbon monoxide leak. However, install a CO alarm to protect your home further.
  • Old boilers, particularly those that are 15-years-old are more likely to break down and are less efficient than new boilers. High efficient condensing boilers could save you as much as a third on your heating bills.
  • Insure your boiler to protect yourself over the winter. Make sure you find out what’s covered in the deal as some companies won’t pay for certain faults.

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