//A Biomass Boiler will Save You Money and Help the Environment

A Biomass Boiler will Save You Money and Help the Environment

At this time of the year it’s likely your boiler could breakdown or fault, meaning you’ll be paying out expensive call-out charges and repair costs. For those with old boilers it’s advisable to get rid of the boiler altogether and invest in an efficient model that’ll save you hundreds of pounds every year.

Of course, there are many boilers to choose from. Combination boilers and condensing boilers are particularly popular as energy efficient replacements, but if you’re looking for something a little different – biomass is your answer.

First and foremost, because biomass boilers burn renewable products for heat, you’ll be generating cheap energy. It could be wood, agricultural crops or even waste materials. All of these are far cheaper than coal, gas and oil.

Your old boiler may be working at just 70%, meaning you’re paying out a lot more than you need to. With energy bills exceeding £1,300 annually, you should be looking at ways to reduce your expenditure.

It’s not just financially that’ll your home will benefit from a biomass boiler either. As biomass is a renewable form of energy you’ll reduce your home’s carbon footprint. This is because the products burnt are carbon neutral – the carbon released was collected through natural processes such as photosynthesis.

This is completely the opposite of fossil fuels coal, gas and oil, which are responsible for the accelerating problems associated with global warming. As these fossil fuels become more expensive (especially oil), you should be looking at an alternative to producing heat in your home.

The major energy companies increased prices in 2011 and this year they’re expected to rise again. These price hikes have pushed many homeowners into fuel poverty and people are struggling to afford their winter bills. This leaves homes without heat over the cold months.

Biomass eases this problem and a system can generate enough heat to keep your home warm all year round. With a new biomass boiler it’s unlikely you’ll have to pay large call-out costs too.

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