//Why You Need Boiler Insurance

Why You Need Boiler Insurance

Although the current times for many people are tough financially, boiler insurance is one think that you shouldn’t be skimping on. In the end, if your boiler faults you’ll be covered to have the system repaired.

One thing you should be aware of though is that many insurance companies won’t cover boilers over 10 years of age as they’re much more prone to breakdowns and faults. If you’re in this situation it would be much wiser to invest in a new boiler completely to protect you from issues later down the line.

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With a new boiler, you can expect to:

  • Cut your annual bills by up to £300 a year with an efficient system that turns more fuel into heat and doesn’t waste the hot gases
  • Heat your home more efficiently and ensure your property is warmer in the winter
  • Slash carbon emissions, improving your home’s carbon footprint and helping the Government meet EU targets

However, if your boiler isn’t that old, boiler insurance is something you should be considering. It may seem a strange time to pay out for insurance in the summer months, but we use our boilers all year round.

Although it’s the winter that will cause most inconvenience if a boiler faults, you don’t want ice cold water until you can afford the repairs. And if you do suffer a problem, engineer call outs aren’t cheap.

You could be looking at least £200 a time and this can be even more during the heart of winter. Of course, this doesn’t even factor in the cost of repairs. If you’re unfortunate enough to ever experience this, you’ll realise how much you should have taken cheap boiler insurance.

With older boilers you’ll have to have a service more regularly too, to ensure there are no problems, especially carbon monoxide leaks. Monoxide poisoning kills and hospitalises hundreds of Britons every year and because it’s almost undetectable, a service is often the best way to discover a fault.

To ease your financial worries you should either be considering having a new boiler installed or having boiler insurance added to your system. Either way, you’ll be protecting yourself from a future problem.

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