//Online Boilers Help: How to Look After Your Boiler

Online Boilers Help: How to Look After Your Boiler

The boiler is at the heart of our home, responsible for the heat and hot water throughout the year. And with this online boilers guide you can make sure you boiler stays in optimal condition and know when the time has come to replace with a new, efficient upgrade.

How can I look after my boiler?

With boilers, the key is to tackle problems before they occur. This is best done with regular boiler services from vetted Gas Safe registered companies. Ensuring that your boiler has at least one service every 12 months, should prevent most common faults.

With your heating system, the problem is a fault can occur at any time and often without warning. One of the most common times of the year is shortly after the summer when the boiler is switched on after a long inactive spell.

Having a service before you switch on could save you plenty of money down the line as repairs can be extremely expensive.

One crucial part of the service is to ensure that the company is registered with the correct authorities. Most companies are reputable, but there are still cowboys lurking in the shadows waiting to do a botched job.

In the end it’s your home and family who will be affected, so ensure you get the basics right and have the boiler serviced from a vetted professional.

How will I know if my boiler needs replacing?

There are a couple of pointers here for those in this situation, and most of the time if you’re asking the question in the first place, your system probably needs replacing.

There are two common reasons which we will discuss in this online boilers guide:

  • If your boiler is more than 10 years old
  • If you are paying out too much on your annual energy bills

In fact, these two problems are often interlinked. If your boiler is over 10 years old it’s likely to have dropped in efficiency. This means more heat is wasted and you’re paying out more every month on your bills.

Just by replacing your heating system with an online boilers recommended A-rated system, you’ll save as much as £300 a year. This can be enough to help most homes escape fuel poverty.

A British Gas expert, Charlie Brown, says an inefficient boiler can waste 25% of your heat. So switching sooner rather than later will help you maximise your savings.

A well maintained boiler may not need replacing, but as winter hits in a few months’ time you don’t want to be left in the cold because you failed to act in time. The Carbon Trust also say that a well maintained boiler will lower energy bills by 10%, so it shows how important this is.

If you’re interested in a boiler service or want a new boiler installed, simply complete our online boilers quote form and receive up to four FREE boiler quotes from local, vetted companies.

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