//Lower Your Bills with Cheap Condensing Combi Boiler Prices

Lower Your Bills with Cheap Condensing Combi Boiler Prices

Boilers account for a huge 60% of our home energy bills, so finding cheap condensing combi boiler prices is crucial to slashing your annual spending by hundreds of pounds.

And the need to replace inefficient systems has become even more apparent, with Government statistics showing that the best way to escape fuel poverty if to become more energy efficient.

Energy efficiency covers home improvements such as insulation and boilers. By restricting heat loss and producing efficient heat you’ll be able to slash your bills and put yourself in a much better position financially.

By comparing condensing combi boiler prices and having a replacement boiler fitted, you can see a range of benefits, including:

  • Cutting your annual household bills by up to £300 a year. Replacing a G-rated boiler with an A-rated heating system would see you escape fuel poverty and counter the rising fuel prices.
  • Ensuring your home is warmer throughout the year, with superb energy efficiency. This also has a bonus in the summer of keeping your home cooler as heat is locked outside.
  • Slashing your home’s carbon footprint by as much as 680kg a year. With global warming fears and EU targets, cutting carbon is high on the Government’s plans and you can do your own bit to become environmentally friendly.

A fuel poverty report shows that the amount of homes trapped with energy financial worries fell in 2011. It’s energy efficiency that has to take the most praise, especially with the rise of those installing condensing boilers.

There was an 8% rise in installations last year, as more homeowners took advantage of the great condensing combi boiler prices and had a new system installed.

Boiler Guide is one of the leading organisations supporting condensing boilers as a viable way of cutting bills.

David Holmes, founder of the company, says: “Energy efficient boilers are a great weapon in the fight against fuel poverty. Very efficient compared to conventional boilers, installing a condensing boiler will help you to make considerable savings on your energy bills because they need to burn less fuel to extract the same amount of energy.

“A-rated energy efficient condensing boilers can achieve considerable savings; up to £300 can be saved on an average households’ annual bill when replacing an old gas boiler. So the initial expense of laying out for an energy efficient new boiler will be recouped many times over.

“There’s also the savings on carbon dioxide emissions to factor in, too.”

The Government passed legislation in 2005, stating that all new gas central heating systems must be condensing boilers. So now is the time to jump onboard and start saving money with a new installation.

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