We often take our gas boiler for granted and expect it to continue churning out heat day-in day-out. During the winter we’re especially reliant on our heating system, so be sure to keep it properly maintained. This will ensure the gas boiler lasts for years and operates efficiently, keeping your bills down.

Regular gas boiler service

Just like you would MOT a car, your boiler needs a service to ensure it’s running smoothly and there won’t be an unexpected fault. Your boiler provides your home with heat and hot water, which isn’t something that can be taken for granted.

After all, your home’s heating takes up around 60% of your annual energy bill. Ensuring an efficient system that will work without any hiccups is vital. A gas boiler service will highlight any imminent problems and prevent expensive repairs.

What happens during a gas boiler service?

A gas boiler service is required to keep the system running efficiently. And for most of the year you probably neglect your boiler, only paying attention when something goes wrong. This is just asking for trouble.

With a boiler service at least once a year, you’ll minimise the risk of a breakdown in the heart of winter and will even cut your energy bills. There are three main checks a boiler service will cover:

  • Visual check

A professional boiler engineer will complete the visual check first, looking out for any signs of worry. Soot around the boiler or leaking water are sure signs that there’s a problem. The flame will also be checked, to ensure of its distinctive colour.

  • Internal checks

If the visual check passes the test, the boiler engineer will open up the system and look for internal problems. The pipework and interior components will be assessed and the inside cleaned with a special hoover.

  • Component check

The boiler engineer will lastly confirm the efficiency of the boiler. This will be done using special tools to check components inside the system.

Throughout the boiler service, if the engineer comes across any potential problems he’ll rectify them then and there, to minimise inconvenience for you. One of the most common faults is an incorrect pressure in gas boilers, but fortunately there’s a quick and easy fix.

Consider an energy efficient gas boiler

Sometimes during a boiler service, the engineer will highlight the need to replace your system with an energy efficient model. In these circumstances you’ll have to bite the bullet and upgrade.

But it’s not all bad news…

By leaving your old boiler and failing to replace it you are at risk of two problems. Firstly, you’ll be paying out hundreds of pounds more every year on heating bills. Secondly, if a problem strikes, particularly in the heart of winter, you’ll be forced into paying at least £200 for a call-out charge alone.

Your old boiler is only going to cost you more money the longer you leave it in place.

An energy efficient A-rated replacement though, will save you between £105 and £300 a year according to the Energy Saving Trust.

This new gas boiler should then be working efficiently for between 10 and 15 years, and many boiler companies will offer lengthy warranties on the product.

Also consider a powerflush when you have the new boiler installed, as this will remove the sludge build-up and ensure optimum efficiency.

Gas boiler quotes

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