//How Important is it to Compare Combi Boiler Prices?

How Important is it to Compare Combi Boiler Prices?

The heating system is extremely important to every home and from time to time it will breakdown due to age. If this happens to you it’s essential to compare combi boiler prices and ensure you don’t miss out on some fantastic deals.

In the summer especially you’re likely to find cheaper prices than during the colder months and boiler suppliers won’t be inundated with call-outs – so they’re likely to even offer a discount.

Looking after your new boiler

If you compare combi boiler prices and have a new system installed, then ensure to look after it properly and have annual check-ups to guarantee its high performance levels and efficiency.

After all, one of the main reasons you’ll be upgrading your system is to reduce energy bills, so you don’t want a problem to go undetected. What’s more, if a boiler breaks down in the middle of winter you’ll be left without heat and hot water – which will be a nightmare.

Many boilers breakdown right after the summer, when they’ve been hardly used and suddenly you switch them on again. It’s at this time that most faults occur.

And boilers over 10 years old are also prone to breaking down, so if this includes your heating system it’ll be well worthwhile to compare combi boiler prices and reduce your bills.

With a new boiler you can:

  • Cut your annual heating bills by up to £300 a year, which is enough to help many homes escape fuel poverty
  • Ensure your home is kept warmer in the winter as heat is distributed more evenly. Not only is the boiler more efficient but your pipes and radiators will probably receive a powerflush to remove sludge build-up
  • Reduce your home’s carbon dioxide emissions and in turn help the environment with global warming fears

Buying a new boiler

The cost of boiler repairs can be expensive and many times it’s not worthwhile paying out that kind of money on an old heating system, since it could happen again at any time. Investing your money into a reliable, efficient boiler would be much wiser.

With a new boiler you’ll also have a lengthy guarantee to ensure things don’t go wrong early on. On top of this, if you compare combi boiler prices you’ll find a better price and can grab a bargain.

When looking for a new boiler the first thing to take into account is the energy efficiency rating. The Energy Saving Trust says that replacing an old boiler with an A-rated model can save you £300 a year on bills.

When it comes to efficiency, condensing boilers are the best for consumption because of their large heat exchangers. This ensures more heat is used and not wasted, cutting your bills.

If you’re interested in a new heating system, you can compare combi boiler prices with our FREE, no obligation service. Just complete our quick form and receive up to four boiler quotes from local, vetted trade professionals.

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