//Find Cheap Gas Combi Boiler Prices

Find Cheap Gas Combi Boiler Prices

Every now and then our boilers breakdown and we all worry about gas combi boiler prices as we’re uncertain what the right costs are. According to the Government, 69% of the UK has gas heating systems, rather than electric, oil or solid fuel.

As you may well know, gas is by far the cheapest and most efficient fuel for heating your home and it’s extremely convenient with most of the UK connected to National Grid gas networks.

The Energy Saving Trust recommends efficient A-rated boilers as a way to reduce your heating bills and help the environment. In fact you can save up to £300 a year and reduce CO2 by 1,220kg annually.

How much are gas combi boiler prices?

Gas combi boiler prices have varying costs depending on the size of system you’re after, the type of model and which company you buy it from. The Energy Saving Trust actually put the price of an average boiler at £2,300.

Of course, in the summer you’ll be able to find cheaper prices than this though as companies will be itching for your business. Purchasing a replacement boiler in the warmer months could see you with a 20% reduction or more.

If you’re considering a new replacement boiler, you should certainly look at combi gas boilers instead of a system with a separate cylinder and water tank stored in the loft or airing cupboard.

Combi boilers supply hot water on demand without the need to have it heated beforehand. This makes them ideal for smaller homes and they take up little space, being attached to a kitchen wall or installed in a cupboard. Gas combi boiler prices will vary depending on the size and model.

Gas boiler installation costs

When choosing a new boiler you need to include installation costs. Make sure you know everything you’ll be paying before signing a contract.

What’s important though is ensuring your installation is completed by a reputable Gas Safe registered company. This is crucial to help you avoid the cowboy traders and make sure your boiler installation is safe.

Before allowing an engineer into your home, check for identification and make sure they’re Gas Safe registered.
According to Gas Safe there are still 7,500 illegal fitters operating in Britain so you have to remain vigilant at all times.

The good news is, with our service we do all the leg work for you. We provide you with up to four FREE combi gas boiler prices from Gas Safe registered companies, to guarantee your safety and trust in the installation.

If your boiler is on the blink and you want to reduce your bills before the cold weather hits us again in a few months’ time, just complete our quick form and receive up to four boiler quotes from local, vetted Gas Safe registered engineers.

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