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Replacing your boiler is one of the best ways to reduce your energy bills and warm your home more efficiently. But even in the competitive market, you’ll find a range of differing prices, so you want to compare gas boiler prices.

You may need a new boiler because your old heating system has become unreliable and isn’t anywhere near as efficient as an A-rated model. Or you might just want to cut your monthly energy bills.

Whatever the reason, the common goal is to spend as little as possible, so the savings are more noticeable when the new boiler’s installed.

Why replace your boiler?

There are four main reasons that you’ll want to replace your inefficient boiler.

Energy bill savings: This is the most important, as the rising prices of gas and electricity has put many homeowners into fuel poverty. They’re spending more than 10% of their wages on inefficient heating systems.

By replacing your boiler you could save around £300 every year. This means you’ll be able to pay back the initial installation costs within five years. But if you compare gas boiler prices, you could save even more.

Unreliable boiler: It’s seemingly pointless to have a boiler that can breakdown at any moment, leaving you without heat and hot for days and weeks on end until you can find the money for repairs.

Repairs and services can be anywhere from £200 a time, and you won’t have to worry about these with a new boiler. Compare gas boiler prices and find something that’s financially viable for you and your home.

Efficient heating: Old, inefficient boiler can be working at just 70% or less. This means your home isn’t being warmed to your needs and you’re wasting even more money turning up the temperature.

A new A-rated boiler will ensure your property is heated efficiently and cut your bills in the process.

Environmentally friendly: Old boilers release a lot of carbon dioxide emissions, which is only contributing to the rising levels of global warming. With a new boiler you’d expect to convert 30-40% more fuel into heat, which will lower your home’s carbon footprint.

What affects to your new boiler cost?

Remember, your new boiler will be with you for around 15 years, so it’s important to choose wisely and ensure you compare gas boiler prices. Some factors that’ll affect the cost of a new boiler include:

  • Boiler type: Depending on what boiler you wish to have installed, the costs will obviously vary. The cost will be affected by the fuel type (gas or oil) and whether the new boiler is highly efficient.
    While the cost for efficient boiler models will undoubtedly be more, you’ll end up saving more on your bills. So for the long run, you should be considering the A-rated types
  • Boiler size: the size of your flat or home will invariably affect the cost of your boiler. With a large property, you’ll have more radiators, longer pipework and larger water storage tanks
  • Existing infrastructure: If you’re replacing a boiler it’s likely you’ll already have the necessary pipework, radiators and other heating equipment. These will need to be power flushed to ensure efficiency, but having existing materials will only cut the initial cost

Compare gas boiler prices

The cost of a new boiler installation may not be as expensive as you think and you’ll be able to payback the initial cost in as little as five years, with the money you save on energy bills.

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