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It’s important to get the right radiators for your home

There are lots of different styles of radiator available.

It’s a good idea to choose one that will look good and heat your home efficiently.

If you’re not sure which radiators would be best for your home, it’s worth getting advice from a heating professional.

Steel Panel Radiator

Steel panel convector

This is one of the UK’s most popular radiator styles. It’s suitable for domestic and commercial properties and come with an extra top grill.

Compact Radiator

Compact radiator

This is very similar to a steel panel convector but also features a top grill and end panels, giving it a tidier look.

Rolled top radiator

Rolled top radiator

This is a very energy efficient type of radiator. However, it has recently become less popular due to its bulky size.

Flat fronted radiators

Flat fronted radiator

This type of radiator is smooth, with grills and end panels. It’s quite popular for commercial use but you can find this style in domestic properties too.

Low surface temperature radiator

Low surface temperature radiator

This was designed for use in healthcare buildings but can also be for children’s bedrooms. This is because it maintains a low surface temperature.

Tubular towel rails

Tubular towel rails

This is designed to dry towels rather than heat a room. It’s a great addition in a bathroom, especially if you have a large household.