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Blocked pipes are a common problem and can happen anywhere.

Most of them actually occur in the drain itself, where there is little drainage. However, if there are multiple blockages it’s probably an issue with the main pipe line.

Blocked pipes

The function of pipes are very specific because using a pipe for more than one water source can cause contamination – which is especially harmful in drinking water.

Removing the blockage is simple enough, but the hardest part is finding where it is.

Ensuring blockages don’t occur is easier said than done, but always make sure the trap under the sink is clear. This is found at the curve in the piping, just under the sink.

A screw release cover can be taken off either by hand or with a wrench and cleared of debris.

Blockages in the drain are also pretty simple to deal with, as all you need to do is remove the drain cover and clear away the blockage. Drains normally block up from baths or showers.

If there’s a blockage that you can’t find, then it’s best to call in a plumber to sort out the problem. They’ll be able to locate the source of the blockage and have your pipes back up and running quickly.

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