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Electric fires provide a great focal point for any room, making it warm and inviting. They’re 100% energy efficient so no heat is wasted, which makes it good for the environment and your wallet.

Another bonus is they’re very easy to install and you don’t need a chimney, flue or pipework. This means you’re not restricted to where in the room you can have an electric fire installed and you can take it with you if you move.

Also, remember that electric fires don’t burn fuel so there are no risks such as carbon monoxide poisoning. You won’t have to worry about servicing either.

There’s a range of styles and designs depending on what look you’re after, but they all emit around 2kW of heat.

You can choose to have an electric fire with an interchangeable image, or something more traditional like a stove or radiant bar fire. You’ll also have the choice to have it wall mounted or free standing.