//What is the boiler scrappage scheme?
What is the boiler scrappage scheme? 2012-03-16T14:50:49+00:00

The boiler scrappage scheme remains closed in England, after all 125,000 vouchers were taken up within two months of it opening. The Government took the decision to end the scheme and won’t be reissuing unused vouchers.

But the scheme remains open in Scotland and focuses on properties with inefficient heating systems. These homeowners will be spending more than they need to on their energy bills and their home won’t be heated efficiently.

The boiler scrappage scheme scheme offers a £400 voucher off the cost of a replacement boiler, which has been recommended by the Energy Saving Trust. These A-rated boilers can save around £300 a year on your heating bills and also cut annual carbon emissions by a tonne.

The boiler scrappage scheme is aimed at properties that have a working boiler of level G on the efficiency scale. This is as many as 200,000 homes in Scotland. These boilers are working at 70% and less.

How to apply for the boiler scrappage scheme

1). The first step towards receiving the £400 voucher, is securing one or more quotes for the new boiler. This has to be either a written or verbal quote. It’s recommended to have more than one quote so you can compare costs and ensure you get the best deal.

You can apply for up to four free quotes at the bottom of this page.

2). After you’ve received your quotes, call the Energy Saving Trust on 0800 512 012 and provide the following information:

  • Your full name
  • The address of the property you wish to claim the voucher for
  • The make and name of the boiler being scrapped
  • The company name, address and contact details of the installer carrying out the work
  • The type of replacement boiler to be installed e.g. gas, biomass
  • Confirmation that you have received a quote or visit from the installer to carry out the work
  • 3). Once you’ve received the boiler scrappage scheme voucher, it’s time to have the system installed. Arrange for the installation and pay for the work in full. Then, complete the voucher and send it back to the EST.

    4). The Energy Saving Trust will reimburse you with the £400, so long as the boiler’s installed within 18 weeks of the original quote. You can now start enjoying your reduced energy bills and your warmer home.

    Remember, the boiler scrappage scheme is capped. So if you want to take advantage of the £400 voucher you’ll have to be quick, before the scheme ends. It’s on a first-come first-served basis.

    Free quotes for the new boiler

    In accordance with the boiler scrappage scheme regulations, you must obtain a professional quotation for the new boiler before applying for the scheme.

    By requesting more than one quote, you’ll be able to test the market and find the cheapest price.

    For up to four free quotes for a new boiler, just complete the form below. You’ll hear back from vetted, reputable companies who’ll be able to help you with any concerns you may have.