Sealed System Boiler

The sealed system boiler has stored hot water. Therefore, there must be adequate space for a hot water tank – an airing cupboard is often preferable.

Despite the need for an airing cupboard, sealed system boilers actually take up less space than a traditional open vent. These types of boilers also require a second tank in the loft.

Installation is quick and easy, with all the parts built within the boiler itself. This includes the components for heating and hot water.

Water pressure is very good with the sealed boilers and you’ll also be able to have more than one hot water supply running at the same time. This is not possible with the Combi boiler, and instead someone’s shower will run cold.

Is the sealed system boiler right for me?

The sealed system boiler works well with a larger family or home. Multiple bathrooms can supply hot water at the same time.

Like the Combi boiler, the sealed system creates a lot of space with just one tank, but you’ll never have hot water on demand and will have to wait for it to heat. You could also use up the supply quickly.

Many people with the older, larger installations choose sealed systems when replacing their boilers. Although it proves more expensive, you’ll free up space in your home. is powered by