Replace Your Boiler

If you’ve already taken a look at our boiler troubleshooting guide, and those solutions have had no effect, then perhaps it’s time to replace your boiler.

There are a number of clear-cut signs that your boiler needs replacing and these are as follows.

Unusual smells

If there are any unusual smells being emitted from the boiler, this could be an emergency situation. Worst case scenario is that it is poisonous carbon monoxide. Immediately call a Gas Safe registered engineer as these emissions can be lethal.

Soot or discolouration

If you come home one day to find soot on the carpet, there’s definitely an internal problem. Contact a reputable, professional company and take the first steps towards purchasing a new, energy efficient boiler.

High heating bills

If your heating bills are getting larger and larger every month, it’s a sure sign that your boiler is simply not up to scratch. It’d probably be best to buy an energy efficient boiler as you’ll save money on your bills, which will quickly cover the initial purchase.

Pools of water

If you find pools of water near your boiler, then you’ll need to call in a plumber as there’s a leak somewhere in the system. The boiler may not necessarily need replacing in its entirety.

Water not heating

If your central heating is not warming water, or it is taking an unusually long time, then the chances are your heating controls will need replacing. This can be done by a reputable company without too much expense.


If your current boiler has been around for 15 years or more, it’s probably best to replace it. You’ll save money on heating bills with an energy efficient replacement.

Repair cost

If the cost of repairing a problem is almost the same as buying a replacement boiler, then why waste money on something that could break down again. If this is the case, simply replace. You’ll get at least 15 years out of a new system and guarantees to go with it. is powered by