Power Flushing

It’s a good idea to have your central heating system power flushed every now and then, to improve efficiency and extend the life of your boiler.

Without a power flush, you may find yourself paying out for a new boiler installation earlier than you expected.

When the copper piping in radiators and boilers is exposed to the hot water, the chemical reaction produces magnetite. This is a thick black sludge that circulates in the system and will settle in radiators.

The will lead to a decreased level of efficiency and an expensive repair bill.

However, with power flushes you can save up to 25% on heating bills and remove the magnetite before it becomes a serious problem in your boiler.

As well as the above, power flushing will also:

  • Cure circulation problems
  • Remove aggressive water (drinking water that can cause corrosion)
  • Prevent pump failure
  • Lower the heating and boiler noise
  • Reduce gas bills
  • Speed up how quickly your home is heated.

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