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A replacement gas boiler is essential if you want to heat your home more efficiently and cut your energy bills at the same time. Many people have their own reason for replacing an old, inefficient gas boiler, but you’ll find the one common goal is to save as much money as possible.

On this page you can find information on what makes up the cost of a replacement boiler and important information to note when replacing.

The cost of a replacement boiler

  • Type of boiler fuel: The fuel your boiler uses to generate heat will have a direct impact on both its initial cost and energy bills. If you’re replacing an oil boiler with a gas heating system, you’ll see much improved reductions on your bills
  • Type of gas boiler: There are many types of boilers out there and most of the time it comes down to personal preference and what your home needs. However, you’ll find you can’t go wrong with a combi boiler. They’re extremely efficient and allow you to draw hot water straight from the mains. It won’t have to be preheated in a water tank for hours beforehand
  • The size of your home: One of the main reasons to replace a gas boiler would be because the existing heating system isn’t adequate for the size of your home. Obviously the new heating system’s size, will directly affect the installation costs
  • Existing heating system: What you have remaining from your old heating system will be crucial to the expense of a replacement gas boiler. The pipes and radiators already in place will pull down the replacement costs, while any upgrades will create additional charges

Because of the above reasons, the replacement boiler could be anywhere between £1,000 and £3,000. It’s hard to pinpoint the cost exactly without a range of quotes from several reputable installation companies.

Important information for gas boiler replacements

Replacing an old boiler isn’t just as simple as swapping over. It’s a complicated business and there are many rules and regulations that govern the replacing of gas boilers.

Firstly, the engineer has to be Gas Safe registered. No one else is allowed to work on a gas boiler, so always ask for ID.

And when the engineer arrives, you may need one or more of the following:

  • Power-flushing: Old pipes and radiators are often lined with sludge, which compromises the efficiency of the boiler. A power-flush removes this grime and ensures the new gas boiler won’t fault once installed
  • New gas supply pipework: In order to comply with the Gas Safe regulations, your boiler may need a new supply line fitted between the meter and the appliance. This can add more to your installation costs
  • Electrical costs: In most cases, your Gas Safe engineer won’t be qualified to carry out electrical work on your new boiler. So, you’ll need a professional electrician to connect the boiler to the mains
  • Quotes for replacement gas boiler costs

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