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Combination boilers are extremely economical, making them the best selling gas boiler in the country.

Combi boiler system
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In fact, over 50% of boiler sales in the UK are combination boilers.

Water is heated directly from the mains supply, so you can take a nice hot bath or shower whenever you want.

Combination boilers are also small, which means they can fit into cupboards or take up little space on the wall.

Their economical qualities push it to the forefront of the boiler market, as there’s no external hot water tank.

Therefore, a cylinder doesn’t need to be heated first and water won’t need reheating if it’s not used first time round.

The only problem with this system is that hot water cannot be used in two places at once. If someone is washing up, then your hot shower will be interrupted.

Is the combi boiler right for me?

If your property does not have multiple bathrooms, then a combination boiler is perfect. A small house or flat is ideal.

Combi boilers create a lot more space, especially if they’re replacing a cold water tank in the loft.

And remember, Combi boilers provide hot water on demand. They’re the only boilers that don’t require water to heat up first.

Another plus with the Combi, is that you’ll have drinkable water in every tap.

A disadvantage is that the water flow, particularly in winter, will not be as good as a traditional boiler.

The boiler performance will also suffer if the available water pressure is not strong enough. A site survey could be required to check its viability.

Types of combination boilers

Combi instant
Combi instantaneous boiler

This is the most common boiler type in the UK and supplies hot water directly to taps and other hot water points.

Combi instant condensing
Combi (instantaneous condensing) boiler

This branch of combi boiler uses the same instantaneous operation, but performs at a better efficiency.

Combi storage
Combi (storage) boiler

The storage combination shares the same properties as those above, but is designed for improved performance, with an internal storage system. Once the stored water has been used it’ll work as an instantaneous boiler. The water storage system can vary in size, depending on what’s needed.

Combi storage condensing
Combi (storage condensing) boiler

Works on the same level as above, but provides higher efficiencies.

Combined Primary Storage
Combined Primary Storage Unit (CPSU)

The CPSU is a special boiler that holds a vast amount of water, giving a high water flow on demand. It can also quickly heat radiators.