Boiler Maintenance

Boilers need to be regularly serviced by a Gas Safe registered engineer to ensure that everything is running safely and efficiently.Gas Safe Logo -

In the same way that a car is serviced, boilers need to be checked for faults. There are a few different forms of service that companies offer, so it’s always best to check when buying a boiler what you’ll receive.

A Gas Safe registered engineer should check that:

  • Carbon monoxide is not being produced and the boiler is burning correctly
  • Harmful gases are leaving via the flue and not entering the property
  • There is no build-up in the pipes and ventilation
  • Safety measures are working.

The engineer should also be ensuring that:

  • Appliances are in their correct place
  • The flue is installed safely and correctly
  • There is a good supply of ventilation
  • Appliances are at the right setting
  • Everything is operating correctly and is safe to use. is powered by