Back Boiler

Back boilers are still fleetingly seen, but when the time comes it’s probably wise to replace with another type.

It’s quite common to find a back boiler behind a chimney with a fireplace covering them, but if you don’t have one, it won’t be a first choice.

They’re not particularly efficient compared with other boilers, so you could make a huge saving on your bills by switching.

Is a back boiler right for me?

Back boilers do provide a reliable source for central heating and hot water. Heated water can be supplied to a number of taps at once.

The problem is they need a lot of space, with a boiler behind the chimney, two tanks in the loft and a storage system in an airing cupboard.

This makes it unviable for someone to purchase if they were using a different boiler type previously, as it simply takes up too much room.

Of course if your home already uses a back boiler, then it’ll be an easy replacement. However, you will probably find a more efficient alternative.

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