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The origins of Keston Heating extend back to 1928 when its original parent company was established as a commercial and domestic heating installation and servicing operation.

Keston took off in the domestic sector with Keston 50, 60, and Keston 80 boilers, ranging from 15 to 24kW. After continued success in the domestic market, the company entered into the light commercial sector with Keston 170 (50kW), and in 1998, with Keston 130 (38kW). By 1998, Keston offered a full range of domestic and commercial boilers and became a key player within the industry.

Today, Keston uses 3rd generation technology on all its domestic products. Our range is highly efficient, delivering performance and reliable heating systems for the modern home.

We will find the right combi boiler at the right price for you.