Boiler Manufacturers

As you can imagine there are a lot of boiler manufacturers out there. Here’s a list of the larger, more known ones to help you choose which one you’d like.

If you’d like to compare boiler efficiency simply choose from the list below then choose your boiler from their site and find your chosen boiler on the SEDBUK website.

Alpha boilers - Ariston boilers - Baxi boilers -
Biasi boilers - Buderus boilers - Chaffoteaux & Maury boilers -
Glow-worm boilers - Heatline boilers - Ideal boilers -
Keston boilers - Potterton boilers - Saunier Duval boilers -
Vaillant boilers - Viessmann boilers - Vokera boilers -
Worcester Bosch boilers -

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