//Unregistered gas boiler engineers need to be stopped

Unregistered gas boiler engineers need to be stopped

The boiler industry is looking to clamp down on unregistered gas installers, after a report from the Gas Safety Trust on carbon monoxide poisoning.

Alpha Heating Innovation has welcomed the report, which shows a pattern of monoxide leaks since 2006.

There are two main reasons for the faults in gas appliances. Firstly, older boilers near the end of their life start leaking gases as they lose their efficiency.

This is quite a simple problem to solve and having a new boiler installed will eradicate the problem.

The second reason detailed in the report was because of poor installation, especially concerning the ventilation. This is simply the gas boiler engineer not being fully aware of what’s needed.

It’s therefore important to ensure that the engineer working on your boiler or other gas appliance is Gas Safety Registered. This is easily checked by asking to see ID before any work takes place.

Sean Keleher, Quality and Training Manager at Alpha Heating Innovation says the report provides insightful information.

He said: “The number of installations that do not comply with any standards has risen each year, and this highlights a worrying trend that installers are not using best practice during installations.

“Since 2005-6 the percentage of installations not complying to any appropriate standard has declined to around 25% in 2009-10.

“Although figures are going down, there must be more done to highlight the importance of best practice to installers and to communicate to the consumer how vital it is that anyone working on a gas appliance must be Gas Safe Registered.”

To protect your home further, always have a carbon monoxide alarm installed and working. Like a fire alarm, it’ll make a loud noise if you’re in danger from the poisonous gas.

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