//Scottish Government add £1.5 million to Boiler Replacement Scheme

Scottish Government add £1.5 million to Boiler Replacement Scheme

The Scottish Government have put more money into the boiler replacement scheme, which will help another 3,600 homes.

The boiler replacement scheme was launched in the summer to encourage homeowners to switch to energy efficient boilers. The government put £2.5 million into the project and will now inject a further £1.5 million – a 60% increase.

By replacing older boilers you’ll be saving money on your energy bills and reducing the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere. Those who take up the offer will receive a £400 voucher for an efficient model that’s been recommended by the Energy Saving Trust.

And with winter coming, this should be something that’s made the most of, as boilers have the most break downs. Over the Christmas period call-out charges can double too, so by installing a new boiler you’ll be eliminating the risk of a failure.

It’s not just homeowners that will be targeted with the cash injection, as £500,000 will be aimed at private landlords in a bid to improve rented accommodation.

Alex Neil, Cabinet Secretary for Infrastructure and Capital Investment, says it’s important to target landlords as tenants are at a high risk of falling into fuel poverty.

He said “With our clear focus on getting Scotland prepared for winter, we are committed to doing all we can to maximise uptake in these schemes and offer real incentives to households to take steps themselves to improve the efficiency of their boilers.

“This scheme also helps support and safeguard jobs in the heating industry across Scotland, providing a real boost for our economy.”

According to government reports there are around 250,000 homes in Scotland with boilers working less than 70% efficiency. Homeowners with these low efficient boilers are paying over the odds on their energy bills, and would do well to take advantage of the replacement scheme.

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