//Replace Your Old Boiler with a Combi

Replace Your Old Boiler with a Combi

A boiler is one of the most important appliances in our home, especially throughout the winter. An energy efficient boiler will heat your property and hot water, while not putting your costs through the roof.

Unfortunately, with a lot of homes the boiler isn’t quite up to scratch. This means you could be paying hundreds of pounds extra every year on your heating bills, and any breakdown could result in a costly repair charges.

When you’ve taken the decision to having a boiler replacement, you should look no further than the combi boiler.

Because of their fantastic efficiency they’ve become the bestselling boiler in the UK. As many as 50% of new boilers are combination boilers.

Combination boilers provide you with hot water whenever it’s required. The water is heated directly from the mains supply, so a bath or shower can be taken throughout the day. You don’t have to wait for water in a storage tank to heat up and there’s no chance of hot water running out.

One of the other major advantages with combi boilers is their size. Unlike older boilers they’re small, and can fit comfortably in a cupboard or on the kitchen wall. You won’t have to fit a storage tank or cylinder into the loft or airing cupboard, making them economical.

The only drawback to combi boilers is you can’t have hot water travelling to two points at the same time. For example, you can’t wash up and run a bath together. However, on most occasions this shouldn’t be a significant inconvenience.

In the end, combi boilers are great financially and take up little room in your home. For all replacement boilers you should be looking at combination boilers as a viable heating system.

If you’re interested in replacing your old boiler with a combi boiler, just complete our quick form. We’ll then provide you with up to five quotes from local, vetted companies.

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