//Repairing Frozen Pipes During the Winter

Repairing Frozen Pipes During the Winter

During the winter many homes end up with frozen pipes, which can be a nuisance when you’re unprepared and don’t know the quick fixes. Put simply, the water freezes inside the piping, meaning your supply is compromised.

You’ll tend to find the piping on your property’s exterior is most affected by the cold weather as they come into contact with the freezing conditions. Thawing frozen pipes is a trickier task that is may sound because it’s all too easy to burst the pipe. You have you take into account the style of the pipes and deal with the problem effectively.

Perhaps the most efficient way to unblock frozen pipes is by using a propane torch. However, propane torches can be extremely dangerous and should never be used without prior use. If used incorrectly you could end up damaging the pipework or even starting a fire.

Remember to never you a propane torch on plastic frozen pipes. Instead, a hairdryer could suffice. Any fire would melt the plastic.

Whether it’s a propane torch or hairdryer, slow steady movements are best to unfreeze the piping. This means the heat is distributed evenly and the ice within can melt without the pipe cracking or bursting.

If you’re dealing with frozen pipes on your home’s interior, you could open up part of the pipework and let natural warm air clear the problem. This solution seems to be most effective in bathrooms and kitchens. Of course, you can also give interior frozen pipes the hairdryer treatment too.

Clearing frozen pipes can be time consuming, so don’t rush the job and end up with cracked or burst pipework.

Some frozen pipes can be harder to unfreeze than others, and if you’re ever unsure on the best course of action, contact a professional plumber who’ll be able to sort the problem for you. Complete our quick quote form and we’ll provide you with FREE quotes from local, vetted plumbers.

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