//Reduce Your Energy Bills with a New Boiler

Reduce Your Energy Bills with a New Boiler

A new boiler at this time of the year is crucial to cutting your energy bills and reducing the chances of a boiler breakdown at the start of next winter. And with snow just around the corner your boiler could be working harder than ever to heat your home. If it’s not energy efficient you’ll be wasting hundreds of pounds every year, which could be put to better use.

But the question a lot of homeowners ask is what boiler is best suited for their home. It all depends on how much hot water you use and how many people are living in the property. The most popular in the last couple of years has been the combi boiler, or combination boiler. In fact, 50% of new boiler installations are combi boilers.

The major advantage to fitting one of these boilers in your home is that water doesn’t have to be heated and can be taken directly when required. So you don’t have to wait hours for a nice hot bath or shower and can simply run hot water when you choose to.

As with ever benefit though, there is a drawback. This is in the sense that you can’t run hot water to two places at the same time. Of course, this isn’t always suitable for homes with a number of occupants but most of the time this can be worked around.

Combi boilers are extremely efficient so you’ll be reducing your energy bills and your central heating will keep your home warmer all year round. And a combi boiler is small enough to fit into a cupboard or comfortably onto the bathroom or kitchen wall.

If it’s a reduction in your heating bills that you’re most concerned about, you should look no further than a biomass boiler. Biomass boilers burn renewable products for energy, such as wood, waste and agriculture. These are all far cheaper than gas and electricity. And if you own an oil boiler, you’ll be spending even more on your annual bills and should consider replacing immediately.

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