//New boilers need longer guarantees to ease customer doubts

New boilers need longer guarantees to ease customer doubts

After two successive severe winters for Britain, boiler installers have been urged to encourage customers to purchase boilers with free warranties.

This will give them greater peace of mind over the colder months, especially if like last year the winter comes early with snowfall and disruption.

Temperatures around the UK dropped considerably, but Wales had its coldest November night at -17.3ºc.

And temperatures carried on dropping with the Scottish Highlands recording its lowest December temperature since 1890, at -21.2ºc.

So last winter had a large number of boiler call outs, coupled with the usual October problems when homeowners turn their boilers on for the first time after summer.

It proved to be a nightmare for customers as the average call out cost £100, rising to £200 for Christmas period emergency call outs.

And if your boiler is without warranty, it’s not just the call out charges you face. You’ll have to pay for the parts and labour, as well as take time off work.

Basic boiler repairs could even cost you hundreds of pounds, and with household costs stretched as it is, it’s something that could be easily avoided with a warranty.

With new boilers, homeowners want a quality installation with a warranty in place to cover all breakdown costs for longer than two years. As well as this, the usual high efficiency and reduced running costs will be major factors.

These conditions have been met by boiler manufacturers, who now offer as much as five-year guarantees on new boilers.

If you have an old boiler, you’ll find it’s only working at 60-70% efficiency, so you’re wasting a lot of money on bills.

Installing a new boiler will sort this problem out straight away, as heat loss will be reduced.

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