//New boilers can help energy companies reach government targets

New boilers can help energy companies reach government targets

If the government’s energy targets are to be met, the ‘big six’ suppliers need to raise their game and help homeowners to insulate their properties.

Last year the government set a target for the UK’s energy utilities to improve the efficiency of 3.5 million homes by December 2012.

So far only 300,000 have been fitted with better insulation for boilers, lofts and wall cavities. And only 58% of British homes have an adequate level of wall cavity and loft insulation.

Chris Huhne, Energy and Climate Change Secretary, believes the energy companies need to “pull their finger out and get on with offering even more energy saving help to British households.”

“The companies have made good progress to date and we want them to succeed, but they’re going to have to accelerate their lagging rates if they’re each going to hit their targets by the end of the next year.”

By December 2012, it’s hoped that energy companies will have reduced their carbon emissions by 293 million tons, as outlined by the government’s proposal.

And the best way of achieving these results is to install energy efficient boilers and air-tight insulation. Therefore, homes will use less energy and carbon emissions will be reduced.

It’ll also mean homeowners’ bills are lighter, which is even more important now, with energy price rises. In fact, five of the six main energy companies have raised costs for gas and electricity.

By improving these aspects of your home, you could save around £100 every year on fuel bills. This saving will only go up as we enter the winter season and you’re more inclined to turn up the thermostat.

Just installing insulation around your boiler can go a long way to reducing bills. But purchasing a new boiler, with a great energy efficiency rating will reduce bills throughout its 15-year life expectancy.

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