//New Boiler Technology will Reduce Energy Bills by 10%

New Boiler Technology will Reduce Energy Bills by 10%

After the UK has seen a rise in gas and electricity prices over the summer, everyone is looking for a way to reduce their energy bills.

And now a new device could save you 10% on your heating bills every year, for a lifetime. Not only is this good for your wallet, but it’s great for the environment too.

The Boostaboiler product from Magnatech straps straight onto the boilers fuel inlet pipe. It uses powerful magnetic technology to enhance your fuel’s efficiency and so reduces the amount of fuel your boiler consumes.

The gas passes through the powerful magnet’s negative and positive fields in the Boostaboiler making it easier for it to bond with oxygen and burn so it’s burning more efficiently and therefore your boiler should be on for less time.

As you’ll be using less fuel, your monthly energy bills will be reduced and it’s been calculated that homes can save around £74 every year. The savings are endless as the Boostaboiler has an unlimited lifespan, while you’ll also save around 370kg of carbon emissions too.

It’s an easy installation that you’ll be able to do yourself, but why stop there? You should make the most of a Boostaboiler by combining it with a new energy efficient boiler. By having a new boiler you’ll save even more on your energy bills and there won’t be the risk of it breaking down over the winter.

Over this period is when most boiler faults happen, with those over 15-years-old more likely to break down. Plus, call-out charges sky rocket, especially if it’s over the Christmas period.

Magnatech director, Ian Gander, said of the Boostaboiler product: “This technology has been used by well-known companies for years, saving them millions of pounds on their heating bills.

“As energy prices continue to soar, we wanted to bring this device to UK homes and not only help the nation cut their bills but also make a positive impact on the environment.

“The best part is, the savings never stop and will continue to grow as energy costs go up. Boostaboiler can also be fitted wherever you move to next and will last forever, so you really can enjoy a lifetime of savings.”

The Boostaboiler has been verified by the Environmental Technologies Verification Scheme, and has said it’s guaranteed to reduce fuel consumption.

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